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Lifeworks can provide a comprehensive evaluation for our clients, both General Psychological and Neuro-Psychological evaluations.

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Psychotherapy is the use of techniques to assist in managing thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

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TYPES OF sessions

This type of therapy involves a client meeting one-on-one with a therapist, usually in a 45-60 minutes session.

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Who We Are

About us

From humble beginnings in 1992, Lifeworks has grown to be one of the largest counseling and life coaching centers in the North Dallas area.

Our Mission

“Providing guidance and support to help you manage life well”
We want you to live life well in all aspects of your life: individually and relationally.

Our Vision

“Helping individuals, communities, and organizations live well”
We desire for everyone to live well! We continue to grow our practice.

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Learning to be Happy While Single - Lifeworks Counseling Center

Learning to be Happy While Single

| Mental Health | No Comments

Being Single Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Also Be Happy It can sometimes feel like being single is treated as some terrible condition that no one wants. The popularity of social media allows those in a couple to broadcast their relationships for the world to see, while also alienating those who are single. Many people see being single as a bad thing. While it is not always easy, it is still possible to be happy while single. While being in a relationship can be great, it isn’t necessarily superior to being single. Even though you may want a relationship and a partner, you can still find happiness while being alone. Here are some tips to help you learn to be happy while single. Learn from the Past but Don’t Let It Ruin Your Future.  There are plenty of people out there who are scarred from things they experienced in past relationships, making it difficult for them to find happiness again. So, what should you do if these painful moments are stopping you from trying to find love again? First, you need to do everything you can to stop thinking about your ex. Unfollow them on all social media and stop talking…

How to Improve Communication in a Relationship - Lifeworks Counseling Center

How to Improve Communication in a Relationship

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Communication is the Key to a Healthy, Long Relationship Relationships can give you a lifetime of joy, but they require a lot of hard work and commitment. Sometimes your relationship may feel like it is lacking, and you and your partner may be struggling to effectively communicate. Open and honest communication should be a staple in every healthy relationship. Improving communication in your relationship can go a long way in ensuring that it is a long and happy one. However, it can be difficult to figure out how to effectively improve your communication skills. After all, communication in a relationship isn’t always about words. Your partner may have a different love language than you, so they will communicate differently than you. It is important to understand how they feel most comfortable communicating, so you can take the necessary steps to improve in your relationship. Regardless of their love language, here are some tips to help you improve communication in your relationship. Pick the Right Time It is important to bring things up to your significant other if it bothers you, but what is just as important is picking the right time to tell them. Far too often we bring something…

Foods to Improve Your Mental Health - Lifeworks Counseling Center

Foods to Improve Your Mental Health

| Mental Health | No Comments

A Healthy Diet Can Help Improve Your Mood Many people who struggle with their mental health tend to look for a quick fix. Unfortunately, there is no remedy that will immediately relieve them of their anxiety or depression symptoms. However, there are changes in lifestyle that, over the long run, can help as an overall treatment. One of these lifestyle changes involves your diet. There are plenty of foods that can improve your mental health. Obviously eating one meal is not going to cure you of your condition, but consistently eating healthy can help relieve you of some of your chronic symptoms and get in a more positive mood. Here are some of the foods known to improve your mental health. Fatty Fish In most American’s diet, they are sorely missing too much omega-3 fatty acids. Instead, they are supplemented with trans fats and saturated fats which have been known to have negative effects on the brain. Our brains are mostly composed of fats, and since our bodies can’t produce their own essential fatty acids, our diet must consist of foods rich in omega-3s to meet our body’s needs. Cold water fish such as salmon, herring, sardines, and mackerel all…