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Lifeworks can provide a comprehensive evaluation for our clients, both General Psychological and Neuro-Psychological evaluations.

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Psychotherapy is the use of techniques to assist in managing thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

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TYPES OF sessions

This type of therapy involves a client meeting one-on-one with a therapist, usually in a 45-60 minutes session.

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Who We Are

About us

From humble beginnings in 1992, Lifeworks has grown to be one of the largest counseling and life coaching centers in the North Dallas area.

Our Mission

“Providing guidance and support to help you manage life well”
We want you to live life well in all aspects of your life: individually and relationally.

Our Vision

“Helping individuals, communities, and organizations live well”
We desire for everyone to live well! We continue to grow our practice.

Recent Updates

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage | Lifeworks Counseling Center Carrolton

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

| Couples Therapy | No Comments

Finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with is the most wonderful and exciting moment in your life. As stressful as wedding planning may be, the excitement of starting your new life together overshadows any stress you may feel. Then your wedding day comes, and it’s the happiest day of your life. You are finally ready to start your new life as husband and wife. The early stages of your marriage are filled with love and excitement. Known as the honeymoon stage, everything your spouse does fills you with butterflies and delight. However, as time goes by, some of that spark you felt seems dimmer and dimmer. This isn’t to say that the love and excitement are gone, but it doesn’t appear to be there as often and as strong as before. Marriages are not as easy as you’d like them to be. Just because you made the decision to tie the knot does not mean that all of your problems would be solved. Marriage takes effort, care, focus, and selflessness to build a strong foundation. In times of worry and distress, there are ways to strengthen your marriage to create a long, satisfying, and loving…

5 Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day | Lifeworks Counseling Center Carrolton

5 Ways to Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

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When Valentine’s Day comes around, it isn’t unusual for people to feel stressed, overwhelmed, sad, or lonely.  Single or taken, despite whichever “category” you may fall into, loving yourself is most important, as you can only truly love others to the fullest extent if you first care and look after yourself. Often those in relationships are so busy worrying about caring for and spoiling their loved ones, that they forget about how important it is that they show themselves love too. Often those who are single, feel unwanted, lonely, or are dreading being pitied by their friends who are in relationships. Maybe you are mourning over a relationship that ended, or maybe you are worried about selecting the right present, spending too much money, etc. Regardless of if you are single or in a relationship, it is easy to stress around this holiday. Whatever you are feeling, set your worries and expectations aside this Valentine’s Day and take steps in the direction of loving yourself. Have some “Me Time” Take some time out to appreciate yourself. Whether this means booking yourself a day at the spa or throwing on your favorite and most comfy sweats, ordering Chinese, grabbing a bottle…

How to Help Your Child With Their Anxiety Lifeworks Counseling Center Carrolton

How to Help Your Child With Their Anxiety

| Anxiety | No Comments

When your child is experiencing anxiety, stress, or depression, it can be extremely difficult for you as a parent. Many parents are surprised in finding out just how young children can begin experiencing bouts of anxiety. Knowing how to address your child’s mental stress and pain can seem foreign, and of course, as a parent, all you want to do is help. Although it can be tolling, trying to understand your child’s mental health is of utmost importance, as well as knowing how you should address it. While you cannot shield your child from experiencing anxiety, you can take steps to help them learn how to manage it. #1 Keep Calm It is important to not display anxiousness and worry yourself when your child is feeling bouts of anxiety or stress. This will only encourage and increase the negative and scary thoughts your child is feeling. Children learn how to behave and how to react from observing how their parents behave and react. Make sure to always do your best to set a good example in front of your child in terms of reacting to certain situations as they will learn to cope partly from watching how you cope. #2…