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Lifeworks can provide a comprehensive evaluation for our clients, both General Psychological and Neuro-Psychological evaluations.

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Psychotherapy is the use of techniques to assist in managing thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

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TYPES OF sessions

This type of therapy involves a client meeting one-on-one with a therapist, usually in a 45-60 minutes session.

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Who We Are

About us

From humble beginnings in 1992, Lifeworks has grown to be one of the largest counseling and life coaching centers in the North Dallas area.

Our Mission

“Providing guidance and support to help you manage life well”
We want you to live life well in all aspects of your life: individually and relationally.

Our Vision

“Helping individuals, communities, and organizations live well”
We desire for everyone to live well! We continue to grow our practice.

Recent Updates

How Alone Time Can Improve Your Mood - Lifeworks Counseling Center

How Alone Time Can Improve Your Mood

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Alone Time is Great For Your Mental Health As humans, we are naturally social beings. We crave interaction with one another. If it were not for our social nature, we would not have evolved into sophisticated people we are, living in an advanced society. While staying social and interacting with friends and family is vital to your health and well-being, separating yourself from large groups can also be just as essential. Spending too much time around other people can be overwhelming. You may start to feel irritable, anxious, and stressed. You may even lash out at those around you. Getting some quality alone time is crucial to help your mind and body reset and refresh. While the current pandemic has caused millions to isolate themselves, you can still need personal alone time. Some people are introverts and prefer being alone, while extroverts cannot stand being alone. A series of 11 studies found that participants across a wide range of ages did not enjoy spending even a brief period of time alone in a room doing nothing. In fact, some preferred giving themselves a mild electric shock rather than sit in a room and think. However, while we may not always…

How to Lessen Your Anxiety Towards Therapy - Lifeworks Counseling Center

How to Lessen Your Anxiety Towards Therapy

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It’s Normal to Feel Anxious Before Your First Session Making the decision to see a therapist is a huge step towards improving your mental health. It shows that you are willing to make choices to improve your situation. While going to therapy is beneficial to your mental health, that doesn’t mean you have to be completely comfortable going. Seeing a therapist for the first time can create a lot of anxiety towards therapy in general, especially if you have no experience interacting with a therapist. But you should know that these feelings are normal. Even though you may have agreed to go, it does not mean your anxiety towards therapy goes away. These initial interactions can make you feel uncomfortable. After all, you have to share not only information about what you are struggling with but also basic information about your entire life. Your therapist will ask about your family, career, close friends, romantic relationships, background, and much more. Revealing all of this information to a stranger is daunting. A fear many people have before their first session is if they are going to like their therapist or not. If not, they will have to go through this process all…

National Give Something Away Day - Lifeworks Counseling Center

National Give Something Away Day

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Pay It Forward on July 15th It seems, in today’s world, people have more things than they need. The ever-increasing popularity of consumerism encourages people to buy in excess. Even if someone doesn’t need a product, they are often convinced by a brand or a business to make a purchase. As you can imagine, this often leads to people owning more than they need. Many of us are fortunate to have this “problem.” However, there are just as many people who do not have this privilege and struggle to get even the bare minimum. For those that have excess, they often clean their homes and declutter, getting rid of the things that they no longer need. However, instead of throwing these things away, you might have an option that not only helps you declutter your home but also makes the world a better place, and National Give Something Away Day is just the time for that. Every July 15th, we celebrate National Give Something Away Day. On this holiday, you are encouraged to share your many blessings with others in your community without any expectations. It’s a day to give back to those around you. Whether it’s to a significant…