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Lifeworks can provide a comprehensive evaluation for our clients, both General Psychological and Neuro-Psychological evaluations.

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Psychotherapy is the use of techniques to assist in managing thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

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TYPES OF sessions

This type of therapy involves a client meeting one-on-one with a therapist, usually in a 45-60 minutes session.

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Who We Are

About us

From humble beginnings in 1992, Lifeworks has grown to be one of the largest counseling and life coaching centers in the North Dallas area.

Our Mission

“Providing guidance and support to help you manage life well”
We want you to live life well in all aspects of your life: individually and relationally.

Our Vision

“Helping individuals, communities, and organizations live well”
We desire for everyone to live well! We continue to grow our practice.

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The Secret to A Good Marriage Lifeworks Counseling Center Carrolton

The Secret to A Good Marriage

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Your marriage is one of the most important relationships in your life, that means you want to give it your all. After all, a happier marriage means a happier life. Humans are biologically built to need relationships in order to be happy. However, just like most things in life, relationships take work, and especially marriages. If you have ever thought about giving up, remember the promise that you made when it all began. If you feel like you have tried, but it isn’t working, then you should consider marriage therapy in Carrolton. When it comes to marriage, you must remember that the work you put in is what you will get out. It takes patience, love, compromise, and understanding in order to have a happy marriage. Alongside these qualities, you can implement and remember these tips to strive towards a good marriage. #1 Always focus on the positives & celebrate good things Research shows that divorce generally is a result of a lack of positive attributes rather than there being an immense level of negatives. It is for this reason that you should try and focus on the positive. While being positive in life will make you happier, focusing on…

The Effect of Anxiety on Your Body | Lifeworks Counseling Center Carrolton

The Effect of Anxiety on Your Body

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Anxiety is one of the most commonly suffered feelings and/or disorders among people in the United States. While some feelings of anxiety here and there are completely normal and experienced by most of us, urgent and often feelings of anxiety every day are not considered healthy and could be an indicator of an anxiety disorder. Chronic anxiety and worrying has a hugely negative toll on the quality of one’s life. It can interfere with your appetite, your relationships, your work performance, your sleep, your overall health, and the overall quality of your life. Often excessive worrying and anxiety leads to other negative behaviors in an attempt to relive one’s stress, such as over-consumption of alcohol, overeating, smoking of cigarettes, drugs, or taking it out on one’s loved family and friends. It is important to recognize whether or not you are suffering from an anxiety disorder that is affecting your life, and if so, it is best for your current and future health that you consider seeing an anxiety therapist in DFW. What is anxiety? Anxiety is a reaction to stress, and is normal amongst all humans. However, ongoing or continuous underlying anxiety could be due to a disorder such as…

Signs Your Therapy Is Working

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Making the decision to go and see a therapist is a big step. After making such a big step, you will find yourself wondering, is seeing a therapist paying off? Every week you go and see your therapist, and some days you may feel good and other days not so much, but regardless of how you feel on a given day of therapy, there are certain signs that you can look for to identify whether your therapy is really working. If you have noticed any of the following signs, then you are on the right track. You look forward to going to your therapy appointments The first few weeks of therapy will feel overwhelming. Opening up and talking to someone about your innermost issues and feelings is extremely difficult. If you have found yourself reaching a place where opening up feels good, or at least comfortable, then you are definitely making progress. Looking forward to going to your sessions means that subconsciously you know it is helping. You are taking better care of yourself If you have noticed that you are taking better care of yourself and making that self-care routine more of a priority, it is a sign that…